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In North Delhi, Dr. Saumya Rathi is well-known for her expertise in treating pulmonary conditions like TB, COPD, pneumonia, asthma, and the flu.

What are Respiratory Diseases?

What are Respiratory Diseases?

The trachea (windpipe), lungs, diaphragms, and other components of this organ are crucial for the exchange of gas flow in the human body. To ensure continuous airflow within the body, all of these processes must be performed in the right order.

The tissues and organs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide are not functioning properly in persons with respiratory diseases. It lowers the SpO2 (oxygen saturation level) measurement. As a result, those who have been affected feel anxious, drowsy, and confused.

Different Types of Respiratory Disorders Treated by Dr. Saumya in New Delhi



A chronic (long-lasting) disease that affects airways in the lungs is asthma. The windpipes swell and narrow as a result of continuous coughing or other reasons, obstructing breathing normally in those with asthma.

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)


The common lung condition known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) limits circulation and affects breathing. Chronic bronchitis or emphysema are other names for it. The lungs of those who have COPD may get harmed or blocked with fluid.



Flu is an infectious respiratory disease brought on by influenza viruses that often affect the nose, throat, and lungs. It can result in minor to severe disease, and occasionally it can even be deadly. The best way to protect yourself from the flu is to get vaccinated every year.



The coronavirus grabs onto antigens on healthy cells, particularly those in your lungs, with the help of its spiky surface proteins. The viral proteins specifically enter cells via ACE2 receptors. Once inside, the coronavirus takes control and occupies healthy cells.



An infection of one or both lungs is known as pneumonia. It results in fluid or pus collection in the lungs’ air sacs, called alveoli. Pneumonia may be brought on by viruses, bacteria, or fungi. Pneumonia can be deadly and can be quite serious.

Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis (TB)

TB is an infectious disease that typically affects the lungs and is brought on by a particular type of bacteria. When infected individuals cough, sneeze, or spit, the virus is disseminated through the air. There are ways to prevent and treat tuberculosis.

Why Consult Dr. Saumya – Best Pulmonologist in Delhi NCR

Dr. Saumya’s Clinic is one of the most well-known clinics for treating chest diseases and all respiratory problems. In order to provide patients with a modern medical plan, the clinic, which is located in North Delhi’s Shakti Nagar, is well-equipped with the most innovative equipment.

Since Dr. Saumya is the best chest specialist in Delhi, this clinic is highly renowned for its COVID, Asthma, Flu, TB, Pneumonia, and COPD treatments. As soon as you go into Dr. Saumya’s clinic, you can see that she sincerely cares about her patients. She pays attention to what is being said and takes the time to discuss diagnoses and treatment options in detail. Being the best respiratory doctor, she blends knowledge with skill, kindness, and compassion.

Some Common Symptoms of the Respiratory Disorders


Breathing problems while engaging in any physical activity

Chest discomfort

Every morning, you feel the need to cough as soon as you wake up. Your phlegm may be clear, yellow, or greenish in color.

Not enough energy

Frequent respiratory infections

Legs, foot, or ankle swelling

Hidden weight loss

Exhaustion caused by a lack of oxygen

Treatments Provided by Dr. Saumya in North Delhi for Various Chest Diseases

Dr. Saumya recommends taking drugs like bronchodilators and corticosteroids to treat COPD. Antibiotics can be used to treat infections. In serious cases, oxygen therapy can be required. In certain cases, surgery may be required to remove damaged lung tissue. If you have very severe asthma, Dr. Saumya advises that you may need to consider using long-term beta-2 agonists. In general, home treatment for pneumonia is sufficient if you are otherwise healthy. This includes getting adequate sleep, maintaining hydration, and reducing fever with prescription medicines like ibuprofen. Dr. Saumya suggests the antibiotic isoniazid (INH), given as a single daily pill for six to nine months, is the most common preventive therapy for TB treatment.

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